Saturday, 4 May 2013

Flames of war - open fire Germans

I was given this as a present for Christmas (after some rather in subtle hinting from me) Mrs Kipper treated me, like many of a certain age I've had/ played with 20mm WWII before I knew they were 20mm, and weened on airfix and matchbox it wasn't a simple decision to switch to 15mm, but with a box set, you can't go wrong! My first impression was amazement, they squeeze a LOT into the box, but the real eye opener was the quality of the plastic infantry, these were nothing short of brilliant. I thought I'd have a stab at the figures, get them painted and gave a game, I've got them painted, I just need to put a paintbrush down long enough to have a game! Here are the Germans;

23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers (victrix plastic and foundry metal)

I picked up some foundry british flank companies on eBay, never too sure what to do with them I thought I'd have a go at the 23rd. The flags also came from eBay, however I was a little worried about the height difference, so added a small disc of platicard under the foundry figures to keep them in line. For a change I thought it would look different to some of my other battalions to have a mounted officer on the command base, he started live as a victrix Austrian officer, before swapping torsos and adding a green stuff sash. The ever reliable Internet, identified that the RWF kept the ribbons in their hair, for officers at least, I have added a small black ribbon in greenstuff,