Saturday, 10 October 2009

The is my initial entry in my blog, i intend to post pictures of my figure collection. I have been collecting and paining figures most of my life, from toy soldiers to lead Minifigs to what ever was the latest trend in the war gaming world. My Interests include World War 2 in 20mm (Dixon mostly), Napoleonic, colonial and Lord of the rings. My current figure collection Includes a large number of Lord of the Rings factions, as they brought them out i bought them all! Since 2000 that's pretty much all I've had time for. The best thing about this exposure to Games Workshop is that it brought me into contact with Hard Plastic and the Perry Twins. In 2008 i bought the Perry twins ACW infantry and Cavalry, I loved the figures but wasn't a big fan of the period, so when the brought out the Napoleonic French it was an easy choice to sell the ACW figures and reinvest in more plastic.
This year I've focused on building a force in both British and French Waterloo so far i've got 4 french battalions 2 Artillery pieces and 4 British Battalions, pictures to follow as i get the time.
I mostly war game with my son (and mostly lose) who loves LOTR the most.
I'm off to get clicking with my camera and try and justify half a year spent painting more figures than i have room to use!

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