Tuesday, 29 November 2011

French 2nd Dragoons

I had bought these with an eye on converting them to lancers but thought better of it after a test figure. I have already painted the 7th Dragoons, so I thought it would be cool to do the 1st Brigade of the 11th cavalry division at Waterloo, giving me an excuse to buy the metal commanders from Perry!

I have ended up with a few dismounted dragoons and i thought it would be good to have some active poses including a command group. I had some spare kneeling down troops from the Victrix French set and with a little trimming and some green stuff i managed to get some dragoons kneeling. Which in turn left me with some legs which allowed me to use left overs from the set to add some more dismounted dragoons!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ensign Kennedy (1st Royal Scots) Waterloo 1815 Part 2

Moved by the story of the young ensign and brave NCO I thought I would have my own attempt at a tribute to the pair. It's still in the early stages however I thought it might be interesting to show the work in progress.
Its a combination of the different bits left over from plastic kits and still needs a little work.

Ensign Kennedy (1st Royal Scots) Waterloo 1815

On a recent trip to Edinburgh Castle with my family I spent a little time in the 1st Royal Scots Museum within the castle itself and came across the story of Ensign Kennedy. It's a great story and had me thinking about recreating it in miniature using some spares from the Victrix box set.
For anyone in or around Edinburgh or visiting the city there are two great museums that have a Waterloo connection, in addition to the Royal Scots there is another Ensign celebrated in the Scots Grays Museum which includes the eagle captured at Waterloo by Sargent Charles Ewart well worth a look for anyone with an interest in the period.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Napoleon's Old Guard Chasseurs

These figures are from the Victrix Plastic Chasseurs set.
This box set for me really underlines the progress that Victrix have made in quite short space of time. The Figures are excellent with great poses, so much so that I bought a further 2 boxes and will make a 'Marie Louise' unit and with some spare Perry heads.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Plastic Dragoon as Line Lancer

I suggested this on TMP back in August, although i made a start on it then I was unable to get the pictures up until now. Although this is a test figure i think it might be a stretch to do 12.
The figure has the legs of a hussar (overalls) Heavy cavalry carabiniers helmet, Dragoon body and a ACW standard bearers arm for the lance.

Brunswick Leib

Although I have mostly painted Plastic figures after converting the hussars i felt it would be good to have some infantry and the Perry Metal range was the obvious choice. I decided on the Leib o start with and plan to add a battalion of line and light in due course.
Having mostly painted plastic i think the crispness of the metal model was a joy to paint, however for the time being its back to plastic and Nassau infantry from French victrix . . . .hopefully pictures up by the weekend.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Dutch 3rd Carabiniers

Perry Mins french plastic Dragoons, pressed into action on the allied side!
Some left over bi-corns (from Victrix French, British artillery and Perry's British and French infantry) were used they needed a little TLC before they all matched and required a plum from the hussar box set. Once the Bi-corns were sorted all that was required was some trimming to remove the bayonet.
I wanted a more attacking look than my Belgian carabiniers so i have used arms from the Frency heavy cavalry set.
Although still to finish the basing i'm close to having my third plastic allied cavalry unit.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Brunswick Hussars pt2

Using the superb Mont St Jean website i felt there was sufficent justification to go with a easier conversion and use the sheepskin saddle cover with no under blanket. However this did feel like cheating so i Thought i'd do an Leib Infantry officer with under blanket.

Again this figure is a converted french husar but with a little additional green stuff this time!

Brunswick Hussars

There has been some issues with my camera and PC over the past few months and that coupled with a change in Job and the general summer malaise has meant that i have failed misrably in keeping my Blog up to date, but now to redtify this;

These are a pretty quick conversion using the excellant Perry bros French plastic hussars.

The shakos are also from the set and were pretty simple conversion using the a little green stuff.