Saturday, 4 September 2010

Victrix Foot Artillery

I decided to break up one of the limbers and make another gun out of wheels and bits. In order to crew 4 guns I had to press gang some perry british Infantry into service, the Gunner by the limber is one of them.
In this picture there is a 9lb and 6lb gun, the other 2 guns are nearing completion too.

Highlanders Skirmishing 42nd 79th and 92nd

Some Victrix left over Highlanders

French 6th Hussars 1815 (Perry Miniatures)

Belgian Carabiniers

Converted Perry Dragoons - At last some allied Cavalry!!

Belgian Carabiniers

Perry French Dragoons Dismounted

These were leftover after the belgan carabineirs. I thought they would be good for Sharpes practice

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

2nd Carabiners Belgian

The attached is the first photo of my converted Belgian Carabiniers. They are Perry Dragoons with carabinier heads from the heavy cavalry set with some minor alterations.
More photos later in the week.
I need some more bicornes to complete the Dutch Carabiniers next!