Thursday, 26 January 2012

British 9th Brigade (Pack) at Waterloo

The 2nd Brigade in Picton's Division at Waterloo. The figures are all Victrix and Perry and quite a bit of mixed in although the back packs are quite different.
Although i have been able to post both of these in the same week, its taken a while to paint and base all these scum of the earth.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

British 8th Brigade (Kempts) at Waterloo

A couple of years ago I started a project to work on Picton’s fifth division at Waterloo. While some of the elements have been completed for a while they have for one reason or another never seen the light of day together as a group. Having just completed the 1st Battalion / 28th North Gloucestershire (using Victrix figures) It would be a good opportunity to get some pictures Taken.
I have completed the Kempts’ 8th and Packs’ 9th Brigades and I’m working through the 5th Hanoverian Brigade and hope to have this finished by the spring.