Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dutch Militia

A mis-mash of Perry and Victrix British (with 2 Great coated French old guard thrown in for good measure) The perry British has plenty of spare Stovepipe shakoes and it was nice to be able to use these. I have used a Dutch Line standard i had lying around but intend to change this to a Orange Militia standard when i get my next GMB flag order in.


  1. i've taken a liberty with the colour of the Jackets as the sources i've checked show a darker navy blue, but i wanted them to look different from the belgian line infantry

  2. Hmm another great idea, pitty I'm not doing the 100 days campign, well done.

  3. I think I like this band better than the correctly painted Dutch. Who are the silly Dutch to question your superior choice of outfits?