Saturday, 31 July 2010

Valiant - US 29th Infantry Division - rifle team

These are the hard plastic 20mm figures. These figures are all from the same spure, being a little larger they are a bit easier to paint and apply the detail. But the down side is they look like giants along side my Britannia figures.

Perry Miniatures American Civil War Union Infantry

These together with the Confederate troops these union boys were all from the same box. The make up of the set allows for some mix and matching, if I going to paint more I'll start off with four boxes and keep the shell jackets, and Frock coats separate and sort them by marching or firing/loading together in the same unit.

Perry Miniatures American Civil War Confederate Inf Ptd

Perry Mins Plastic ACW infantry, very nice figures and they paint up a treat however after painting a couple of boxes i'm still not sure if i fancy ACW.