Monday, 18 June 2012

Wagames factory / Immortal miniatures light infantry

In the intrests of fairness I should say that I have not been that keen on the Wargames Factory ranges that I've seen, that and the fact that they didn't cover any periods i was interested in made them a no go for me. To be fair, I haven't seen much of them in the flesh but what i have seen has suffered in comparisson to some other plastics on the market. Seeing some Numidians on the web convinced me that that they worth a try. I thought that it would be intresting to mix them togeter with some of the spares left over from the Warlord Greeks/Spartans, hers some of the results.


  1. They look great! Top notch and they seem to be of the same size. If I make a comparison picture or make a post about converting plastic may i use one of these pictures?

    Best regards

  2. Please feel free to use them if it helps. I thought it would be useful to capture them in the 'nip' as it were so you can see that very little green stuff was used

  3. Very nice, didn't know that the helmet swaps would work! I believe someone said that Victrix's hoplite heads are swappable with Warlord's Phalangites heads if you are planning on getting them too.

    Though I would say that the WargamesFactory arms on Immortal's bodies look a bit big.

    For my conversions I am going to mix Perry's Sudanese Tribesmen, Immortal' Hoplites and Warlord's Celts to kitbash some peltasts, thracians and galatians.

    Hope to see those painted soon!