Tuesday, 27 November 2012

7th Dutch Militia Waterloo

The 7th Dutch Militia were one of five battalions in Luitenant Kolonel Willem Frederik Graaf (Count) Van Bijlands (pictured above) 1st brigade of the Second Division commanded by Lt Gen. Baron Henri-Georges Perponcher-Sedinitzky.
Having been impressed by Victrix Austrians but not wanting to start a new army I thought I'd pick up a box and see if I couldn't work them into a regiment that fought at Waterloo. Dutch militia looked the closest match, there were however a few obstacles to overcome; The jacket fronts are not square enough, there is the cross strap on the backpack to deal with, the trousers need to have the gaiters removed and the British Stovepipe Shakos need to have the sun burst motive added, phew quite a few things to look at, but not something that a little green stuff and a sharp knife can't fix! I thought ha it would be nice to add a few great coated militia and some spares from the Victrix grenadiers set were just the thing to fill out the ranks. Not too sure that its worked quite as well as I'd hoped the jackets were a bigger barrier than I had thought and now having seen the Perry Austrians I'm a little sorry I didn't wait for them. . . . .but I still need to do the 27th Chasseurs!

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  1. very cool idea, much better than boring Austrians.