Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Brunswick Artillery in Plastic - Converted

Brunswick Artillery in Plastic After attempting the french in Plastic, i had used two wheels and axles from the British Victrix Artillery set, which left me with a few spare guns. The dutch used French/ Austrian style guns and I think there is a pretty strong case that the Brunswickers also used Austrian style guns, however it just possible that some of them might have used the British gun, and with that in mind I thought i'd give it a go. I could't do Horse Artillery, as there were too many difference to overcome but foot Artillery would be possible. For the gunners I'd use Perry's British Riflemen with French Shakos with the tufts added in green stuff and arms from the Victrix Artillery set. The conversion took a little trimming of shoulder tufts and other bits and bobs to get them looking right, although the most challenging part was fitting the riflemen poses into Gunners, but with a little patience it fell into place. As the Perry Rifles are in two basic poses I thought it might be better to have one gun loading and the other gun moving or being run out. The guns would be 6pdrs straight out of the Victrix box. For an officer I had a spare from the Perry Wounded Brunswickers kicking about in my bits box and he would do nicely as an officer in the Artillery.


  1. They came out amazing. Clever work using extra Victrix arms and the rifleman poses give the model some action.