Thursday, 17 June 2010

79th Cameron Highlanders (Victrix)

I fancied taking on the harder tartan of the 79th and i wish I hadn't bothered! Much harder to replicate that the government tartan or the Gordon tartan, I didn't quite get it . . . Still very nice figures to paint. The more eagle eyed will notice that the arms are all (bar a few) Perry miniatures British arms. There is nothing wrong with the victrix arms but i was looking for a different look for this Highland regiment.

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  1. The tartans look fine; it's hard to get that many stripes right - multicolored at that - but I say you pulled it off. I'm currently working on a set of Victrix Highlanders too; I was going to paint them up as the 79th, but chickened out because of the tartan. I ended up going with the 42nd - for the much simpler tartan pattern. Dean