Friday, 18 June 2010

Spares from the Victrix French Guards

These were left over from the Old guard victrix box set, i fancied some greatcoated skirmishers and with the help of some perry heads they came out looking great. The officer is for my artillery battery which came out looking ok apart from the claw like hand in the air it looks like a zoidberg hand, more to do with my painting than the sculpt i promise you!


  1. Very cool. That's what I love about both Victrix & Perry - the loads of spare parts. Excellent work. Dean

  2. These are a great idea - they've turned out particularly well. Love the interchangeability of parts between Perrys and Victrix. Nice job.

    Have a look at my Perrys Dragoon Sapper - no problems finding him a Victrix axe, strap badge etc!