Sunday, 18 December 2011


2nd Naussau-Usingen Regiment

I had bought a box of the Victrix French (1807-1812) Infantry to provide some variety to my Perry French infantry. However as the Perry are in the post 1812 uniform they are quite different and while a single unit in the older uniform might have been ok, I felt that they didn't look right for my Waterloo.

Having converted units of Belgian line, Dutch Militia, Brunswick Hussars and Dutch / Belgian Carabiners from the plastics on the market at the time I thought there was a potential to convert these chaps into some allied infantry. The Nassau contingent are shown in Hawthornwaites uniforms of Waterloo in both the pre and post 1812 French style uniform so it didn't feel like a great stretch to put them in the pre 1812 uniform.

While the French uniform differs from the Nassau uniform is that the French has a double set of buttons with the Nassau having a single row down the front. This I can cope with, and can be corrected with a little trimming.
The Backpacks are in the French style so no problems there, however they are equipped with 'British' style haversacks and canteens as well as the French Short Swords. From the set I can muster enough short swords to equip the flank companies on both battalions, the rest will do without.
The Haversacks and canteens I made from Greenstuff, (For the canteens I used a cocktail straw snipped down and filled with greenstuff). I carried the haversack strap all the way to the shoulder as the Nassau troops looked like they had cross belts rather than the single belt for the French Centre companies.
The Colpacks were taken from the spares from the Hussar set. With a little bit of trimming / remodelling on the cap bag.

This was much more work than I had counted on and I struggled to raise the enthusiasm to finish. Having bought the command for both battalions in metal from Perry Mins I felt I had to see it through and with gritted teeth I managed to finish both battalions.

Having fully completed both now I feel that a more uniform approach to the battalions might have resulted in a better overall look but I'll put this one down to experience.


  1. Well done! Bravo to you for sticking it out through this conversion.

  2. They look fine, you should be proud of your work.
    I bet they'll fight well too.

  3. They look fantastic! What a great project.