Tuesday, 29 November 2011

French 2nd Dragoons

I had bought these with an eye on converting them to lancers but thought better of it after a test figure. I have already painted the 7th Dragoons, so I thought it would be cool to do the 1st Brigade of the 11th cavalry division at Waterloo, giving me an excuse to buy the metal commanders from Perry!

I have ended up with a few dismounted dragoons and i thought it would be good to have some active poses including a command group. I had some spare kneeling down troops from the Victrix French set and with a little trimming and some green stuff i managed to get some dragoons kneeling. Which in turn left me with some legs which allowed me to use left overs from the set to add some more dismounted dragoons!


  1. Really nice figures,
    I just bought these for my brothers Christmas present!

  2. Those kneeling conversions are great! I have a parts bin full of Victrix bits so I'll have to try that...

  3. I really love those! Especially the conversions. Idea... nicked. ;-)

  4. thank you very much, all i need now are those horses to make those horse holders . . . a night on the web beckons!

  5. Nice idea with the kneeling dragoons. Consider that idea borrowed.