Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ensign Kennedy (1st Royal Scots) Waterloo 1815 Part 2

Moved by the story of the young ensign and brave NCO I thought I would have my own attempt at a tribute to the pair. It's still in the early stages however I thought it might be interesting to show the work in progress.
Its a combination of the different bits left over from plastic kits and still needs a little work.


  1. Nice work,
    Yeah it's a good day out Edinburgh castle.

  2. Thanks its a decent day out, I'll post some pictures of the finished article when i get the Ensigns back sorted out he looks like quasimodo just now! I found that using Green stuff on top of more green stuff is harder than i thought.

  3. Fantastic! How much will I have to pay in royalties if I try to copy your genius idea? :)